Royal Taste Freshening Flavour

Perfect blend of fresh betelnut, catechu, cardamom and lime.

Better than the Best

Mouth freshener of Indian origin

The Pan Masala can be rightly called the mouth freshener of Indian origin It was the Pan or betel leaf which was consumed by kings, nawabs as well as common people of Indian origin. Even today, it is very common in all parts of India and the sub-continent. As a result of fast growing life style, Pan has to some extent replaced by its counterpart the Pan masala.
“SHANTI PAN MASALA… for SHANTI (PEACE) which your mind is always looking for.”

“I personally feel that achieving success is easier with a peaceful mind. And in today’s fast world it is tough to get few moments of relaxation to keep our mind peaceful. Aromatherapy has the potential to improve mood, cognitive function or health. Keeping this concept in mind and utilizing my knowledge and experience of fragrances (Aroma) I decided to launch SHANTI PAN MASALA. SHANTI PAN MASALA is a perfect blend of selected aromatic substances that have potential to alter your mood and make you calm. SHANTI PAN MASALA can provide you peace of mind that in turn helps you achieve success. SHANTI PAN MASALA… for SHANTI (PEACE) which your mind is always looking for. Wishing you all a Peaceful, Fragrant and a successful life.”


Betel Nut




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