SHANTI PAN MASALA consists of a variety of ingredients and can be called as the perfect blend of fresh betelnuts, catechu, cardamom and lime.

A good quality masala can only be formulated after years of hard work, and knowledge of the ingredients, perfumery and flavouring materials. And Shanti  Fragrances masters in this field with immense experience of years.
This completely tobacco free pan masala is a rich blend of select ingredients such as Betel nut, Catechu, Lime, Cardamom, Menthol and added flavours.

 The Pan Masala can be rightly called the mouth freshener of Indian origin
It was the Pan or betel leaf which was consumed by kings, nawabs as well as common people of Indian origin. Even today, it is very common in all parts of India and the sub-continent. As a result of fast growing life style, Pan has to some extent replaced by its counterpart the Pan masala.

SHANTI PAN MASALA is packed in food-grade polythene pouches to ensure that our product is completely hygienic and crisp when it reaches the consumer.

The pleasing flavour and delightful taste of SHANTI PAN MASALA has enabled us to get good market share in short span of time. We have taken utmost care and involved best technical expertise to make our product superior. This is the reason we proudly say that:
“SHANTI PAN MASALA is better than the best”